Can Your CRM Do This? 6 Values Customer Relationship Management Software Should Be Adding to Your Business

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is intended to empower a company's interaction with current and potential customers. By analyzing data about customers' history with a company, CRM can improve business relationships, increase retention, and drive sales growth.

Many CRM users have not tapped into the full capacity of their software. Even worse, some are getting by with a system that does not add substantial value to their customer management strategy. If your software is not offering most of the below features, it’s time to rethink your CRM. 

Grows with your business

CRM is not a one-size-fits all software; it should evolve and adapt alongside your business. If your existing CRM software does not integrate with other systems—like accounting or marketing—or cannot be customized with applications and enhancements as required by your business’s changing needs, consider an upgrade.

Don’t delay critical initiatives because your current CRM system can't support them.


Prioritizes business intelligence and analytics

Does your CRM give you the tools to transform, analyze, and visualize customer information? Can you view real-time data that provides actionable insights? CRM that majors on business intelligence monitors the health of your business using live dashboards, creates rich and interactive reports, and allows data access anytime and anywhere.

If your CRM software doesn't have customer intelligence and analytics at its core, you can do better.


Maximizes customer data and communication

Businesses that do not safeguard customer data are at high risk of losing valuable information about their stakeholders. More importantly, organizations that fail to lead customer communication efforts are not in control of their brand experience.

Bridge this gap using centrally managed customer software that allows you to view critical client data across your organization’s systems and functions.

Data-savvy CRM builds robust, reusable models over your customer information to provide consistent reporting, analysis, and communication.


Operates without support from subject matter experts

You deserve a CRM solution that works for you and does not require outside assistance. If you are seeking IT expertise to learn about customers’ online behavior or consulting your email marketing provider to understand performance data from each send, you are wasting valuable time.

Strategic support from a CRM partner can ease software implementation pain and provide ongoing training as needed.


Enhances internal stakeholder processes

A management-centric salesforce automation system that prioritizes data entry over selling is not adequate. CRM software that includes predictive analytics, digital intelligence, and automated lead scoring can empower your sales team to do their jobs better. It can increase collaboration and teamwork with shared meeting notes, events, and custom sales documents created with real-time coauthoring.

If your CRM is too clunky to facilitate a systematic approach with institutional insight that guides the entire sales pipeline, you need a tune up.


Incorporates insights from social media

Don’t miss an opportunity to listen to your customers where and when they are talking. CRM with social media monitoring and management tools allows businesses to anticipate customer needs and tailor products and services to their preferences. Results include reduced customer service costs, increased customer agent productivity, greater lead conversion rates, and higher customer loyalty and retention.

Help your salespeople zero in on the right leads, contacts, and opportunities with critical social insights as they build out your pipeline.


Time for a change?

These six features are hallmarks of leading CRM software. If you are unhappy with your current customer management system, it’s time to do something about it. Take back your time and increase your productivity with help from BroadPoint Inc.’s Microsoft gold-certified consulting team. Contact us today to learn more.

Zach Volpicelli