Membership engagement strategies for associations

Associations and member-based organizations rely on their members to help drive their drive their organizational goals forward.

For this reason, nurturing member relationships is critical to the overall success of an organization.

One challenge many associations face when it comes to membership engagement is building a strategy that connects with their mission and can be executed with limited resources they have.

5 Key Factors to Implementation Project Success: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, we discussed the first two factors that included the importance of setting realistic expectations for the project and building management commitment.  Once you have that solid foundation in place, the remaining  Key Factors relate to the management of the project team: 

5 Key Factors to Implementation Project Success: Part 1

A successful project isn’t delivered without hard work and a repeatable project methodology. In addition to that clear and repeatable project methodology, we have found there are 5 Key Factors which must be developed and actively managed to ensure project success.

Nonprofit Dashboards with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Associations and other nonprofits now have greater access to member/donor data. The challenge they face is understanding how to use this data to increase membership and revenue while advancing their mission.

Get The Most from Your Office 365 Apps

Leading associations are using a full suite of apps to realize the full benefits of Microsoft Office 365. So the question is, how will you use these powerful tools to maximize your investment and produce results for your organization?

Take Your Office to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Management technology is also rapidly changing and the cloud is becoming the go-to solution for nonprofit associations of all sizes and types. Don’t wait to take your office to the cloud, start your transition and take advantage of this game-changing technology now.

Maximizing Member Engagement

We understand the thought of measuring membership engagement can be daunting. What processes should you have in place? What tools can you use to measure? How do you know that the measurement is accurate? The list of questions seems endless.

What to Do When Your Members Stop Talking to You?

Most associations and non-profit organizations thrive by establishing relationships with their members. It’s important to listen to your membership, understand what they need and what is important to them, so you can deliver it. What happens when your members have gone silent? How quickly did you notice that a member or group of customers has stopped communicating?