Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

“A lot of nonprofits and Dynamics GP vendors don’t have much experience or knowledge in Analytical Accounting and BroadPoint does, which really impressed us”

David DeCamp, Senior Director of Global IT

Alex Quinn
Envision Experience

“In technology, you often hear the phrase—time, budget, or quality; pick two. I would amend that phrase to—time, budget, or quality—you get all three with BroadPoint.”

George Hegedus, Senior VP of IT

Alex Quinn
VASA Fitness

“When you grow from 16 to 30 clubs, that’s 30 different clubs we were manually consolidating in excel—not only was it a major time suck, there was so much room for error. We knew we needed a financial system to support that growth.”

Mehul Chaudhari, Vice President of Strategy & Analysis

Chimes, Inc

“For organizations like ours that heavily depend on federal and state government funding, being able to look at what things are costing from a variety of perspectives with Serenic Navigator’s dimensions is a plus. In intangible ways, it makes us better stewards of the limited resources we have.”

Martin Lampner, President

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

"Because we're on the Cloud, we don't have to worry about anything being lost - which greatly reduces the stress during budget season. Since we've been with BroadPoint for over a decade, we've always been on budget. When I budget my numbers, I know exactly what I need for the year and I am able to plan appropriatley to make sure that I stay within budget. The experience has been great!”

Lynette Russell, ACCA

Grain Elevator and Processing Society

"In 2015 we split from our Association Management Company. We need to partner with a technology company that understood our business applications that included AMS, Financials and Hosting. We partnered with BroadPoint as they were the only Authorized iMIS solution provider to offer professional services in all these areas. Since our successful upgrade and migration we continue improving member benefits and revenue utilizing Certifications, Fundraising and Advertising sales.

Julia Kloen, GEAPS

Associated General Contractors of America

"Recently, I recommended BroadPoint Technologies to our Colorado chapter unhappy with their current local (Denver) iMIS provider. BroadPoint visited the chapter and conducted an excellent assessment. The chapter was amazed at BroadPoint’s integration strategy as opposed to a 'one size fits all' square box approach they were given by the other provider. I will recommend them again."

Charlotte Fara Francis, AGC