Why Companies Should be Using Smart Budget Technology

Most companies are trapped using traditional budgeting approaches and these approaches have been sped up by automation–but in many ways, that automation has merely multiplied the pain that poor practices inflict on accounting staffs. Traditional budgets still take too long to prepare, cost too much, and in many cases, are filled with errors and assumptions that quickly become out of date.

The good news is that there is a new approach for corporate planning systems – Budget Maestro by Centage – an emerging trend of using technology to automate and manage the financial health of the organization.

Why do you need a Smart Budget?

1.      Programs Itself

2.      Maintains Itself through Organizational Change

3.      Connects to – and Stays in Sync with – Your Accounts

Budget Maestro Blog Image.jpg

4.      Makes Reforecasting a Breeze

5.      Involves Every Budget Owner

6.      Stays in Sync with Your Actuals

7.      Automatically Generates Balance Sheet and Cash flow

8.      Budget Makes Reporting and Analytics Accessible to Everyone

9.      Shows How Your Company is Performing Against Plan

It is because of these reasons why BroadPoint is proud to announce our partnership with Budget Maestro. To learn more about Budget Maestro by Centage and BroadPoint, please contact BroadPoint and ask for a demo.

Alex Quinn