Why Association Executives Need to Care about Yammer

If you’re an association executive, increasing user engagement amongst members is a top priority for you. While it’s always good when members sign up for the online community, it’s even better when members actively collaborate with their fellow members in those communities. It’s these meaningful experiences that, when repeated often, influence your member’s emotional and psychological attachment to your association. Whether it’s sharing a template, explaining a process, or dialoguing about the latest industry trends, your members are fostering positive experiences around your brand. These are the factors that will ultimately influence member satisfaction and retention.

We know that a successful engagement strategy is critical for member retention, but are there benefits to employing a similar strategy for association employees?

In the article, “Why Employee Engagement?” writer Kevin Kruse explains, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals . . . Because they care more, they are more productive, give better service, and even stay in their jobs longer.” For association executives, a more engaged workforce means better service to your members.

In most associations, interaction typically occurs via a conference call, meeting, an email or an IM.  But what if you could enable your association staff to collaborate in real-time without formalities in a way that is engaging, is built on the principle of everyone moving forward together and is as familiar to them as Facebook?  

To foster this collaboration, Microsoft integrated Yammer into its Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms. Yammer is a closed social network that helps employees collaborate across departments, locations and business applications. Similar to Facebook’s activity feed, you can share thoughts, ideas, files, and notes across your network. 

Yammer is real-time. Imagine this typical association scenario:

  • Your customer care representative receives an email from a member confused about their dues amount.
  • The customer care rep posts a question on Yammer asking whether anyone has the latest dues algorithm.
  • That question then appears at the top of his co-workers’ activity feeds.
  • The director of membership sees that request come in on her phone (Yammer is mobile accessible) and, even though the director is in a meeting, she is able to post the latest algorithm to Yammer.
  • The customer care rep quickly responds back to the member with the correct dues amount.
  • Your member completes their renewal.

Yammer supports your association staff’s ability to connect and gather the necessary information to resolve member issues fast. When leveraging Yammer within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your association staff can easily engage in open conversations to collect feedback, pose questions in the context of a specific membership record or bookstore order, and work together on exhibitor and sponsorship sales.

As with any engagement strategy, the goal is to nurture commitment to your organization and its goals. Yammer helps with that objective:

  • 76% of Yammer users have more visibility into work happening in other departments or locations.
  • 80% of Yammer users are more informed with what is happening in their organization.

Source: MarketTools, Yammer Business Value Survey, 2013. 

Association executives should look to tools like Yammer to foster employee engagement and boost productivity. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of how associations are taking advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and leveraging Yammer to better engage with their members.

CRM, O365Lee Raesly