What Members Want Most from Their Association: Value

Associations and nonprofits continually face a multitude of challenges. Where will our revenue come from? How many new members are we attracting? How do we communicate with our members? In addition to answering these critical questions, associations must bring another relevant issue front and center in order to grow:  what value and I delivering to my members?

As we dig deeper into idea of delivering value to members, it is important to recognize the importance of attracting millennials to your organization. Millennials find and consume information in different ways than traditional members. Social networks and mobile access are must-haves in order to draw their interest. But like other members, what do you do once you have their attention?

Members want one more than anything else from their association: value. They want to feel like the dues they pay and the time they invest are worthwhile because of the experiences and resources made available to them. But just how to organizations communicate that value to their members? Here are a few ways that associations can members feel they are receiving adequate value:

  • Offer regular training sessions
  • Promote annual conferences and other events that members can attend
  • Send regular communications, such as a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter
  • Create online message boards or forums for members to share their experiences
  • Develop a strong social presence to stay connected with members on a daily basis

One way associations can make it easy for members to access event, training and message board information is through an online member portal. Members have their own personal login to update their registration information, view new blogs/articles, register for events, view training options and join the conversation on relevant message boards. By giving members quick, easy access to a plethora of information, you are delivering value that they can consume at their own pace.

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Lee Raesly