What Associations Can Learn from Millennials

If they aren’t already, millennials should be at the forefront of your association’s plans for the future of your organization. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2015, millennials will become the majority of the workforce and that by 2030 this mobile, tech-savvy generation will comprise up to 75% of the workforce. This all begs the question: are you doing enough to attract and retain millennial members to your association?

Here are a few keys on which to focus when marketing and attracting millennials to ensure the future success of your organization:

  • Create opportunities for millennials to get involved.

This generation, more so than those previous, wants to feel that they are included in decision making and that their voices and opinions are heard. Providing chances for meaningful contribution to projects show that your association sees young professionals as peers rather than employees. Though it might have come faster than you anticipated, millennials have a seat at the labor table and will be driving your association one day. Early and constant opportunities to contribute will keep their attention focused on improving your association.

  • Technology is king.

Millennials grew up in this technology-centered era, so Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, and many other social networks are second nature to young professionals. Leveraging the full capabilities of these networks and technologies will resonate with this generation. An active social media and content marketing presence is a given.

  • Millennials are mobile.

They want to access any piece of information, at any given time, and expect it to be available quickly. You need to be creating and curating meaningful content that can be absorbed anywhere, anytime, from any device. Catering to this behavior will broaden your digital imprint and display a cutting-edge, hip association, thus resulting in a cohort of engaged younger members who will sing your praises to their friends and colleagues.

If you’re having trouble reaching younger potential members, there are some quick ways to turn things around. Contact BroadPoint today to discuss membership and financial management options to get your association back on track.

Lee Raesly