Cloud Solutions & ERP/CRM Integration Gaining Steam with Government Contractors

Although professional services firms, including government contractors, are optimistic about the future in regards to increasing revenue and profit, they must still find new and innovative ways to make this a reality. In the recent “Managing Your Consulting Firm for Growth Worldwide Survey” performed by IDC, one of the most important takeaways was the importance of managing technology. In fact, when asked what type of IT projects they were planning over the next 12 months, nearly 73% of services firms said they would be moving their business systems to the cloud.

In fact, experts predict that by 2015, small business owners will spend more than $100 billion tapping into cloud-based technology. The capabilities and benefits of the cloud are becoming more and more apparent as businesses look for an edge:

  • Better collaboration
  • Improved system and data security
  • Bandwidth flexibility
  • Automatic software updates
  • Mobile workforce
  • Disaster recovery

In addition to cloud-based technologies, many professional services organizations are realizing the importance of integrated ERP and CRM platforms. With integrated business systems, services firms can:

  • Get better visibility into customer, project and employee lifecycles
  • Eliminate multiple data silos and reduce data errors
  • Have access to real-time data and metrics through dashboards

These integration benefits deliver updated, mission-critical data to service firm leaders so they can be more proactive in their decision making. Of course, there are many other aspects to becoming (and staying) successful. Finding and retaining talented staff is always key. More prudent financial management also plays an important role in company success. And with a solid cloud strategy and integrated ERP and CRM systems, government contractors and professional services organizations can take the next step in growing their company.

Contact BroadPoint, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Mid-Atlantic, to discuss how we can help your professional services firm develop a cloud strategy and help integrated your key business systems.

CRM, ERPLee Raesly