Setting Goals for Your ERP Implementation Project

Goals on White Board

Before you begin an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation project, you need to map your ERP solution to your organization's strategic goals.

Start by considering the why . . .


Ask yourself: Why are you looking to purchase an ERP in the first place?

Answer to this question vary, but a recent BroadPoint webinar revealed some common reasons companies are implementing new ERPs:

Based on BroadPoint webinar attendee live responses.

As you can see, responded cited too many manual processes as a major motivator for the the ERP search. Among survey respondents, a nearly 70% percent were still using Excel and paper forms for reporting. Although this is not inherently a bad thing, all  too often, such methods translate to inefficiencies and scattered data – such as scattered and inconsistent data from manual rekeying of information. 

To be as efficient as possible in your switch to another ERP solution, ask yourself what you’re looking for first:

Is rapid deployment a priority?

Does a move to the cloud lurk in your organization’s future?

And lastly, does your current system deliver the insights you need to meet your strategic objectives? 


Now that you've clarified the goals of your ERP solution, it's time to rally your internal implementation team . . .

White Paper: Secrets to ERP Implementation Success

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