Three Ways Business Intelligence Can Transform Your Manufacturing Function

Three Ways Business Intelligence Can Transform Your Manufacturing Function

Manufacturing  organizations are inundated with data. While the move to lean manufacturing has reduced waste and increased efficiency, it also has created a pressing need for real-time information. Customers demand accurate data about order-by-order workflow and expect transparency into work-in-process.

Manufacturers who choose to streamline their business and financial management systems through one enterprise resource planning (ERP) foundation are discovering the transformative power of business intelligence. Below are three ways an ERP solution with built-in data savvy can revolutionize your manufacturing organization.

Predictive analytics drive smart business decisions

Gone are the days of reactive decision making by manufacturers, when lagging data from decentralized functions summarized ancient history by the time they were consumed. Today intelligent software connects the dots between inventory, supply, and distribution data. It incorporates this data with additional sources from multiple applications, providing a comprehensive picture of business health.

Business intelligence anticipates challenges by analyzing trends across the supply chain and alerting key stakeholders to impending needs. It makes sense of such data through actionable strategies, visual reports called dashboards, and interactive tools that disseminate the most important insights across business lines. With such predictive analytics, manufacturing organizations can focus on the data that drive strategic outcomes.

On-demand and real-time data create a window into workflow

Brand is an important focus for small-to-medium-sized businesses seeking an edge on their competitors. Customers seek brands they can trust, and employee loyalty and engagement grow on a foundation of respect. Manufacturing organizations that choose to build a culture of openness will thrive in today’s brand-obsessed marketplace.

ERP software should enable this trust narrative. Using a business intelligent solution, manufacturers can engage customers and employees in each step of the production process. Customers will understand how operations, costs, and quality control are working together to deliver them the best product possible. Employees from various departments—such as production, accounting, and sales—will access a holistic view of key metrics for the business.

A centralized solution unites your organization

ERP powered by business intelligence makes your entire organization smarter. With a centralized solution, one data warehouse streamlines all business and financial management processes and corresponding information. Dashboards, reports, and datasets provide everyone, from operator to executive, with a custom view of business metrics that matter most and ensure everyone uses the right data.

Manufacturing functions depend on efficiency and collaboration. Business intelligence creates alignment and transparency among all levels of staff and supply chain. Organizations can deliver products faster while focusing on their core values.

Your complete business on one dashboard

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics platform that gives you a single view of your most critical business and financial data. Make smart decisions, access real-time data, and align key people and processes throughout your manufacturing organization. Create rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and access your data on the go with Power BI mobile apps. Microsoft Gold-certified ERP software provider BroadPoint, Inc. offers Dynamics 365 Business Central with Power BI. Learn more and transform your manufacturing business today.

Zach Volpicelli