The Secret to Growing Your Association: Listening to Your Data

Your association creates a lot of useful data with each transaction, outreach activity and membership communication. The more data you can collect and analyze, the greater insight you’ll have into your members. This will ensure that your efforts are relevant and valuable to the membership and community, and that you are working toward fulfilling your mission. You can’t use simple, entry-level software solutions to get the insight you need, you need a more powerful solution that offers robust business intelligence features.

Disparate, specialty software solutions cannot provide a 360-degree view of your association. Separate solutions store data in different ways and in different databases that are often not connected. In order to access the data, you may have to wait for a board member or an employee to print or email a report. Ten you have to spend time trying to make sense of it in order to make the best decisions for your members and the association. Don’t waste time putting puzzle pieces together. Get the data you need, when you need it, with a better solution.

An integrated association management solution can provide greater control over your data, as well as provide the insight you need to make sure your association is moving in the right direction.  As suggested in the free eBook “New Rules of Engagement for Associations:  Connect with Members on Their Terms,” with the right tools, you can spend more time with your members and less time with your data. A robust software solution can provide a high-level view of your data, as well as the details you need to make informed decisions. You can quickly evaluate this data to improve fundraising activities and marketing campaigns, and learn more about what your members are looking from the association.  Monitor trends in attendance or participation at your events to discover which programs are highly valued and which may become obsolete. 

Lee Raesly