Take Your Office to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Technology trends sure seem to progress much faster today than in the past. When the telephone was first produced, it took nearly 75 years to get 50 million people to adopt it. Fast forward to today’s digital era and the Angry Birds app only took 35 days to gain global popularity. Management technology is also rapidly changing and the cloud is becoming the go-to solution for nonprofit associations of all sizes and types. Don’t wait to take your office to the cloud, start your transition and take advantage of this game-changing technology now.

Many associations are benefitting from stronger internal and external collaboration and productivity beyond what you thought was possible. This transition is also much easier than you think. Break down the data silos that traditionally form when using on-premises, specialty software and run your entire organization with greater efficiency from the cloud.

Associations Improve Collaboration and Productivity With Cloud-Based Microsoft Dynamics 365

A comprehensive, integrated system, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, seamlessly combines the functionality of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. In one easy-to-use, cloud-based solution, you can have all the applications you need with greater mobility.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works across all devices and platforms, providing anywhere, anytime access to key data. Your team can enter and access important information about your membership, and the programs or services you provide, whether they are working from the office, meeting with members, or at a conference. Without skipping a beat, your front-line employees can respond quickly to membership needs from answering simple questions to making a sale to providing other services.

Faster access to information across your organization will unlock the power behind your data. Dashboards, robust reporting and other powerful business intelligence features highlight key metrics, making it easier to identify trends in what your membership wants, needs or expects from your association. Armed with this insight, you can better predict membership needs and design programs or services to meet those needs.

Still waiting to make the leap to cloud-based productivity applications? Start small with just the applications you need today. Then, add apps as your association grows and changes. There are licensing models that align with your budget, your users and your growth strategy. Contact BroadPoint for more information about taking your office to the cloud. We’ll make sure it’s a soft landing!

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