Score Big with CRM for Client Acquisition & Project Performance

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For professional services firms, there are a few cornerstone principles for business success. Certainly, making each project as profitable as possible is at the very top. But taking a step back, finding clients in the first place should always be front and center as an organizational focus. Sales leaders must continually pay attention to their pipeline as this is paramount to starting (and finishing) projects on schedule.

By using a customer relationship management system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, professional services organizations can bring all their sales and client data together in one central location. This allows your firm’s leaders to:

  • Stay abreast of resource requirements based on project
  • Access performance data quickly and easily to make better decisions
  • Have a clear view of forecasted pipeline and close dates

Through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards, your management team can get a quick snapshot of project and company performance without having to sift through detailed reports. This allows for quick decisions if one project of department is struggling so adjustments can be made immediately.

Professional service organizations can now also take advantage of social activity information that may impact the business. Whether it is a Facebook post and a recent Twitter update, key business information can be delivered directly into a social feed within Dynamics CRM. This allows for enhanced talent acquisition, better collaboration and communication, accelerated sales cycles and improved project delivery.

More and more project-driven organizations are leveraging mobile technology to deliver better project performance. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers improved productivity through mobile apps, so your sales and services teams in the field can access client information from anywhere at any time. This leads to more efficient projects so the client is happy, and so are the firm’s leaders.

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