Project Management Expertise: The Critical Factor When Choosing ERP Software Implementation Consultants

Imagine you’re shopping for ERP software to improve and streamline your nonprofit’s accounting processes. What factors would persuade you to choose one solution above another – cost, scalability, reputation, ease of use?

ERP Software Project Managers

These are important issues to consider, but we argue they are not the most important. As you write your pro/con designations for each software option, ensure your final choice includes an often overlooked – yet non-negotiable – characteristic: project management expertise.

Your ERP software vendor’s project management expertise matters more than you think

Here’s why:

As a nonprofit leader, your expertise lies in health and human services, fundraising, association membership, or research. You know how to execute the mission of your agency with hard work and a lot of heart. However, project management may not be one of your top strengths. And it doesn’t have to be. When you launch a new ERP software, it’s important to feel confident that an expert is guiding the planning and implementation process. This is one area where a “fake it ‘til you make it” philosophy doesn’t pay off.

For example, consider this story from the whitepaper, 7 Pitfalls to Avoid as You Transition Business Software to the Cloud. One software vendor assured the executive director of a nonprofit that other organizations had migrated to the cloud without a business requirements phase. While this promise seemed too good to be true, the cost savings won her over. However, it soon became apparent that the salesperson didn’t understand the unique nature of the nonprofit. Several critical business processes required add-in solutions that could not be replicated in the cloud environment, and ultimately the software implementation failed.

5 key factors to ERP implementation project management success

A consultant with project management expertise can help you avoid this pitfall, among others, by following five key factors for project implementation success. These factors include:

  1. Setting and managing realistic expectations

  2. Establishing common goals

  3. Defining a realistic budget and schedule

  4. Maintaining management commitment

  5. Participating in executive-level discourse.

3 key benefits of ERP project management expertise

According to the article, “The 12 Most Important Benefits of PMP Certification,” certified project management professionals (PMP) add value in the following ways:

  1. Provide extensive knowledge about risk management and avoid unnecessary mistakes that could lead to monetary loss

  2. Guide your employees throughout planning and implementation, helping them to work to the best of their ability

  3. Contribute to a nonprofit’s preparedness for external forces of change.

Choosing a technology consultant who has extensive project management experience means you can trust that your software implementation will be smooth, and you can focus your efforts on other mission-critical priorities.

BroadPoint: The PMP edge

A certified Microsoft partner with gold-level ERP and CRM expertise, BroadPoint has a team of 100 percent PMP-certified project managers who understand how to calmly guide clients down what can feel like a bumpy road when it comes to software implementation.

BroadPoint’s consultants have background in the nonprofit sector with more than 15 years of relevant experience and specialized expertise as CTOs, controllers, membership directors, and certified project managers. They use a standard project management methodology for each software implementation, which consists of several phases: analysis, design, development, deployment, and operation.

“BroadPoint staff is focused on the nonprofit industry and the product, so customers get the best of both worlds,” says John Uder, Account Executive at BroadPoint. “Employees have 15-plus years’ experience, and many are CTAs and PMPs. This is their area of specialty – not the ‘flavor of the day.’”

Employees have 15-plus years’ experience, and many are CTAs and PMPs. This is their area of specialty – not the ‘flavor of the day.
— John Uder, Nonprofit ERP Technology Consultant, BroadPoint

Software implementation success is not your responsibility. Take the pressure off yourself and put it in the hands of an expert PMP. Contact BroadPoint today for a free consultation or discovery call.

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