Online Donations are Increasing: Is Your Association Ready?

Associations often operate through the support of membership dues, fundraising events and donations from supporters.  The popularity and ease of use of smartphones and tablets are making it easier for people to shop and donate online.  Is your organization able to collect dues or donations via mobile devices or are you stuck in the “mail in a check” era?

Many associations are still working with outdated processes and outdated technology.  Using manual systems to contact your members and collect payments for dues, products, and services is inefficient and can lead to mistakes.  The time you spend processing checks and filing paper order forms is time away from your members and those that you serve.  In addition, you could be short-changing your opportunity for donations.

Mobile devices have become a preferred way for people to register for events, purchase goods or services and, now, offer donations.  As noted in this complimentary eBook “New Rules of Engagement for Associations:  Connect with Members on Their Terms,” charitable giving through mobile devices is increasing.  When there is an immediate need such as in response to a disaster, your members can feel involved by offering donations to your association through their mobile devices.  You can also offer other compelling reasons to ask for donations such as to support a special event.  If you offer an easy way for members to make a contribution, your association could see an increase in support and in charitable giving.

Your association can benefit by leveraging mobile technology to your advantage.  Work with your trusted technology partner to upgrade your association management solution to include online and mobile payments.  You can include authentication and encryption to protect the privacy of your members and your association, as well as keep financial data safe. Contact BroadPoint for more information about how to offer online and mobile payment options to your members.  

Lee Raesly