Nonprofit Trend Watch: Emerging Themes to Anticipate in 2019


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

Humankind is curious. As a society, we continue to learn new and better ways of existing. Historically, we have progressed and evolved time and again, despite ongoing change. Yet with the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital transformations it brings, the biggest difference today is that the pace of such change has never been faster.

No longer is disruption a measurable event – it is constant. And the nonprofit sector is not immune.

New nonprofit trends for a new year

Soon the landline phone will be a dinosaur and cryptocurrency a donor-preferred resource. If we are not intentional about keeping up with trends on the horizon, we easily can fall behind. Below we unpack three themes that will emerge in the months ahead. Are you ready?

New donors.

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For years, Millennials have been all the rage when it comes to our stakeholder and customer focus. But a new generation quickly is growing into adulthood. Generation Z, defined as people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, now makes up 27 percent of the U.S. population. According to CommunityFunded, 30 percent of Gen Zers already have donated to an organization. And this number is expected to increase substantially in the next few years.

One key to reaching this new audience is personalization. Are your marketing campaigns, outbound and inbound member messages, and event communications integrated within one system? Ensuring a comprehensive view of ongoing interactions with your most important stakeholders will be a foundational feature of world-class customer relationship management in 2019.

New technologies.


Keep in mind that this new generation has grown up with the Internet. Mobile devices are their preferred communication channel, so your mobile strategy must be on point. Enabling options like automated and recurring giving will be critical for attracting Gen Zers.

Emerging technologies also are powering the collection of massive amounts of behavioral information about current and potential customers – called big data. Using business intelligence to cut through all this data and create messages that are contextualized and targeted will be an increasing trend next year. Do you have the software capabilities to meet various stakeholder groups where they are, predict member needs, and build relationships?

New competition.

In 2019, the sister agency that provides similar services in a neighboring county and the membership organization that offers a competing product menu may no longer be your greatest external threats. Rather, enter Facebook. The social media giant recently removed fees for charitable fundraising, ensuring that 100 percent of money given via its commerce platform goes to charity. Facebook also is a contender in the donor-advised fund space with its latest efforts to create a $50-million dollar matching fund for causes related to disaster relief.

Despite the power of social media monopolies, today’s consumers care about reputation. Smart and savvy donors are looking for philanthropic investments that align with their moral compass and protect their personal information. For nonprofit associations looking to build their member base, choosing a customer relationship management supplier with decades of integrity is essential for success in this new world.

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