Microsoft Outlook . . . Only Better! 5 New Features You Don't Want to Miss

Microsoft recently announced several enhancements to Outlook — not just the desktop app, but also the web and app versions in Microsoft Office 365 and personal. What's new? And why should you care? Our CRM experts have broken it down for you:

5 New Microsoft Outlook Features You Don't Want to Miss

1.) RSVP Keeps Tabs on Who's Coming

Just click the new “Tracking” option under “Meeting Occurrence” and see who has committed to the meeting.

2.) Multiple Time Zones

Now you can set up event start times and end times across different zones.

3.) BCC Warning

Now get an alert if you attempt to reply to a BCC message. This way you’ll remain anonymous.

4.) Office Lens for Android

If you use Outlook for Android, the app will integrate the Microsoft Office Lens feature. When that happens, you can tap the photo icon while composing a message, then take a snapshot of a whiteboard, document, photo or the like. Outlook will optimize it and then embed it into the email.

5.) Bill-Pay Reminders

What about your bills? Outlook will identify them in your inbox, show you a summary card at the top of your email each day, send an email to remind you two days before the due date, and automatically add an event to your calendar so you don’t forget to pay on the actual day.

To learn more about these new and improved features, with more on the way, get in touch.

O365, CRMAlex Quinn