Membership Engagement Strategies for Associations

Different components of an effective membership engagement strategy

Membership engagement strategies have many moving parts. These parts can be categorized into two sections:

Connect with your association's members with these membership engagement strategies.

Connect with your association's members with these membership engagement strategies.

  • Member-facing strategies
  • Behind-the-scenes or organizational strategies

Member-facing involve processes like onboarding, how you welcome new members, and the resources you provide to help them leverage their membership.

Behind-the-scenes strategies include what your organization does to keep members engaged. It also means tracking data and analyzing insights to improve your processes.

These two approaches must be combined to build a membership engagement strategy that is effective for your association.

Membership engagement strategies associations should adoptCreate a welcoming strategy for new members

It’s important to make a good first impression with new members.

Include personal touches in your onboarding strategy that will make new members feel excited to be part of your organization.

You might:

  • Send a personalized welcome email.
  • Introduce them to an experienced member that can act as their advocate and show them the ropes.
  • Make sure new members know how to access resources and learn about upcoming events.
  • Enroll new members in email lists that will provide them with information. (Make sure they are able to manage their subscription preferences.)

Foster an active membership community

Association-to-membership communication is important.

But your members might find even more value from communicating with their peers who are facing similar challenges.

Provide avenues - both online and offline - that give members a space to connect and share with each other.

Focus on the member’s pains (and how you can help eliminate them)

One sure fire way to make members engage with you is to provide them with helpful content. And “helpful content” doesn’t necessarily mean content about your association.

This is not just about telling them what you can do for them, it’s about providing them with information on how they can solve their challenges.

Whitepapers, webinars, lunch and learns, and online forums are just a few examples you can engage with and help your members.

Personalize your marketing

Engaging members is about making them feel like they matter to the organization.

Personalizing marketing can be as simple as using their first name.

But you can take it a step further by personalizing the content members receive from your organization

How do you know what different members want to read about?

Use your membership management software to track engagement, what members click, what they purchase, and more. Create reports to help you segment your audience and your content.

If you can’t do this with your current Association Management Software…

Invest in a membership management system or CRM

Customer/Constituent Relationship Management Software will transform your ability to engage with members.

Reporting capabilities, marketing automation, personalization, data visualization, and more will help you draw deeper insights into member behavior will enable you to provide a more targeted, personalized experience.

Membership engagement strategies should align with your organizational goals

You know the needs and challenges of your organization best. So choose the membership engagement strategies that are a good fit for your organization.

One thing we know from experience is that the right membership management software behind your organization can make a big difference in how far it drives forward.

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