Membership Boost: Increase Association Revenue with Online and Mobile Payments

In this new age of mobility, customers are comfortable with purchasing goods and services through business websites and from their mobile devices. Similarly, associations could also benefit from this by allowing members to pay for dues, events, training and other membership-related products through online and mobile services. Not only can this streamline the handling of cash and payments for staff, but it also makes it easier for members to make donations and purchases.

Associations with limited budgets don’t have to settle for last year’s technology. In fact, if you are working with inadequate business software, you could be missing out on a more efficient way to accept payments for all of the products and services that you offer to your members.  Working with paper order forms and mail-in check payments is time consuming for both your staff and your members. By updating your business management solutions, you can streamline the payment process and increase revenue opportunities.

Associations can work with an experienced solution provider to set up a secure online and mobile payment system. Authentication and encryption security features can protect your members’ data and your association data. Your members can pay their membership dues and conference fees, and purchase the products or other services that your association offers through your website by using their mobile devices.  As suggested in “New Rules of Engagement for Associations:  Connect with Members on their Terms,” a complimentary eBook from BroadPoint, you could send out an email notification to your members, for example, to register for an upcoming event or offer a discount on a product or service.  As your members read their email on their tablet or smart phone, they could simply click on a link to complete that transaction. They won’t need to stop and find a computer or fill out an order form - they can complete an on-the-spot transaction.  As a result, your association could see an increase in online purchases as well as membership renewals. 

Lee Raesly