BroadPoint Helps iMIS Users Increase Donations Through Cloud-Based SMS Texting Add-On, Wins 2019 ASI iMIS App Challenge


BroadPoint Inc., a leading provider of business application solutions and services for membership and non-profit organizations, won Advanced Solution International (ASI)’s 2019 iMIS App Challenge for its iTxt2Give iFit app.

ASI is a global provider of non-profit member management software. Its iMIS software enables organizations to connect with members and donors on any device. Traditionally an on-premise solution, iMIS recently transitioned to a hosted environment and soon will be fully web-based. ASI is focusing on its Cloud offerings, including those applications that extend iMIS in a Cloud-friendly way.

Recently appointed to the 2019 ASI Chairman’s Circle, BroadPoint’s MemberPrime division is one of the largest iMIS solution providers in the U.S. MemberPrime brings a depth of expertise with its Cloud-based platforms for membership management services and its ability to add on, extend, and integrate its innovative applications with iMIS software.

Partnering with Txt2Give, BroadPoint’s MemberPrime division developed iTxt2Give: a Cloud-based SMS TEXT-based solution for donations that is integrated with iMIS and easily upgradeable to all future software versions.

The app works by engaging donors in a dialogue to gather donation information. A record of the donation is captured in iMIS to support reports, dashboards, and other analytical data used by the organization for fundraising efforts. In addition, process automation triggers an immediate donation confirmation to the donor.  

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About BroadPoint's MemberPrime Division

BroadPoint is an award-winning iMIS partner offering technology consulting to hundreds of non-profits in the Washington DC metro area and nationwide. Since 2001, BroadPoint has delivered innovative technology and business applications including Microsoft Dynamics for ERP and CRM, Microsoft Azure Cloud services and hosting, Serenic Navigator for fund accounting, and ASI's iMIS for member management. MemberPrime is a division of BroadPoint that focuses on iMIS consulting and helping clients increase member engagement, elevate financial performance, and gain mission-critical intelligence.

About ASI

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is a recognized global industry thought leader that helps associations and non-profits increase operational and financial performance through its proven products and consulting services. Since 1991, ASI has served thousands of clients worldwide through a network of more than 100 partners.

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