Is Your Association Ready for More Members & More Revenue?

Associations are often more focused on the needs of the membership and community than on their own internal needs. With traditionally limited budgets, you may rather invest in your membership than in your own software needs. However, today’s cutting-edge solutions are not only affordable, they provide time-saving automations and insight that can help you achieve your mission and fulfill membership needs with greater efficiency.   

Entry-level software and outdated legacy solutions create bottlenecks and time-consuming delays. They also create confusion and can lead to misinterpretation of data, which can lead your association in the wrong direction.  In this new era of mobility, you can grow your membership, provide more value-added services and engage your membership on a new level with an upgrade in technology. 

More people are using mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, to find and engage with other businesses. Now your association can offer that same kind of connection without breaking the bank.  Working with an experienced technology provider, you can improve your website, get connected with popular social networking sites, and upgrade your technology with a comprehensive membership management solution that will help:

  • Attract new members and strengthen ties with existing members and supporters,

  • Share relevant information such as proposed legislative changes, faster and efficiently,

  • Improve attendance and participation at fundraising or educational events,

  • Benefit from a trending increase in charitable giving, and

  • Encourage networking through an active, online community.

An integrated association management solution with online and mobile capabilities offers time-saving automation, provides business intelligence that you can use, and offers transparent financial management that your members and supporters will appreciate.  Take this opportunity to invest in your membership and your association by getting the technology that can make your association stronger. 

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Lee Raesly