How to Improve Member Engagement With Member Management Software

Everything You Need to Know About Improving Member Engagement With Member Management Software

Measuring membership engagement is crucial for associations. Without a good way to measure membership engagement, membership directors are left piecing together disjointed data from different platforms.

Data silos don’t give membership directors the insights they need to make improvements to the membership strategy. Instead of focusing on membership engagement, they spend more time reporting and trying to squeeze insights out of a clunky system.

Membership management software can help you improve member engagement

Even when you follow marketing best practices for member engagement, the key component to being able to improve is to be able to measure. The right membership engagement software for Customer/Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution will give you the tools to turn data into insights you can analyze to make big decisions.

5 ways CRM can improve membership management

1.) Automate membership marketing efforts

One challenge that many associations and member-based organizations experience is a squeeze on time.

A membership management or CRM system can help you spend time more efficiently by giving you the tools to automate marketing efforts.

Some popular time-saving features of CRM include automation for:

  • Email workflows for marketing and sales
  • Event reminders
  • Membership dues reminders and auto renewals

These features not only save membership directors time, they also make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

2.) Personalize membership outreach

Saving time doesn’t mean that communication should sound like it is coming from a machine.
50% of membership and donors say personalization of content is more important than speed.
With a CRM or membership management system, you don’t have to sacrifice personalization for speed. A CRM solution provides the ability to personalize communication points not only with personal information but with the types of content you deliver.

3.) Engage customers with targeted content

CRM gives you the ability to customize the content you send to members based on their interests. CRM reporting insights you receive will empower you to analyze member interactions so you can fine-tune relevant offers to them.

With powerful monitoring and reporting, you will be able to determine the best time and medium in which to reach out to your audience. For example, if a member has attended a few events, you might reach out to them to see how they might become more involved. Or if a member’s involvement has been declining, you might send them information on upcoming events in their area.

4) Better insights into member behavior with reporting

Reporting capabilities in CRM solutions help you rank which members are the most engaged by running simple reports.

With CRM reporting, you can separate lists of members:

  • Create a list for super-engaged members that will be keen on larger offers.
  • Create a list for low-engagement members that need to be warmed up.

Whatever you choose to do with your membership engagement reporting, you will have access to information at your fingertips. Membership directors can decide who to target and how often.

5.) Dashboards improve membership management reporting

Data at your fingertips. That’s a huge part of the power of CRM reporting. Being able to visualize your data with dashboards can help membership directors, sales teams, financial teams, and more.

You can create:

  • Membership engagement dashboards
  • Revenue dashboards
  • Membership renewal dashboards
  • And so much more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software can maximize your member engagement
Engaging members takes a well thought out strategy that aligns with your organizational goals. It involves many moving parts. CRM software enables associations to synchronize the many moving parts and make decisions that move the organization forward.

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