How to Target Communications to Match Member Interests

Member No Longer Paying Attention

Your members are busy. They don’t want to sort through all the mailers and emails that your organization sends to figure out which apply to them and which don’t. If you bombard them with messages that aren’t meaningful, they will stop paying attention.

In order to target your interactions with members correctly, you need to collect pieces of information from different parts of the organization:

  • Interests they have declared, through profiles or participation.
  • Events they have attended.
  • Analysis of interests that members like them hold – to predict.
  • Purchases they have made.

By collecting all the information about a member, you can filter your communications to make every touch meaningful.

If your organization is still sending out broadcast correspondence and emails to members without any way to filter, you are losing your audience’s attention. Systems – from event management to dues invoicing – that aren’t connected prevent unified messaging from the association to members.

To make each message individually meaningful, you need systems that will:

  • Combine interactions and transactions from all departments for complete member insight.
  • Automate communication systems to reflect the interest of members.
  • Deliver data for analysis to predict complementary or future interest of members based on similar member preferences.   


So what kind of a system checks all of these boxes? Look for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that was designed for nonprofits. BroadPoint Engage Member Management is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM at it's core, but optimized to meet the needs of nonprofit associations. Learn more about BroadPoint Engage

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