How Microsoft’s MyAnalytics Connects the Dots--Key to Productivity, According to Seth Godin


The rate of change this year is the lowest it ever will be. The world around us is advancing rapidly, and we cannot keep up with it.

According to best-selling author, marketing guru, and entrepreneur Seth Godin, change is coming, and it’s the job of every business owner and employer to get ready for what’s next.

In a time when disruptive business models are transforming the workplace, those who innovate survive, and time is of the essence. Airbnb currently is the largest global hotel chain, yet it’s only ten years old. Uber—another company only a decade into its existence—has turned public transportation upside down with the introduction of ride sharing.

Godin suggests the centuries-old concept of compliance no longer is viable if organizations are to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. While compliance is about making more dots, productivity is about connecting existing dots for high impact. 

Faster is not the point—braver is the point, more connected is the point, more insightful is the point
— Seth Godin

When Productivity is the Answer

Compliance = Making More Dots

Productivity = Connecting Existing Dots for High Impact

Time wasted by meetings, emails, and phone calls contributes to loss of impact at work. In the United States alone in 2017, executives considered 67 percent of meetings a failure, and more than $37 billion was spent on such unproductive meetings.

Yet productivity tools that exist for the sole purpose of saving time are like band-aids on a wound. Just because an app can expedite a process does not mean it is adding more value to your life and business.

As Godin says—if impact is the end goal, simply getting faster at one’s work does not equal greater impact.

Take Control of Your Productivity with MyAnalytics

It is possible to reclaim control of time spent. Powered by machine learning, MyAnalytics, an extension of Microsoft Office 365, uses everyday data to provide insights and tips that help one work smarter. MyAnalytics recommends peak focus time for users based on habits and time spent. It is completely personal and private—only users can see their insights.

Through MyAnalytics, your team and you can accomplish the following:

  • Improve relationships by increasing collaboration time, enhancing team meetings, and growing your network.

  • Create more time to focus by eliminating distractions and multi-tasking, and instead majoring on core priorities.

  • Improve work-life balance and well-being by reducing time spent working.

According to Betsy Grider, managing director of technology development for NASCAR, MyAnalytics helps prioritize the tasks that are most important for her job. Grider uses insights from MyAnalytics to block peak focus hours in the morning so she can get things done at the most productive time of day for her.

Find Your Impact With BroadPoint

As a Microsoft Gold-certified partner, BroadPoint, is serious about boosting productivity for impact. Through business process re-engineering, we work with customers to integrate productivity tools such as MyAnalytics, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 to ensure alignment with business outcomes. At the heart of our products and support, processes are always designed to help clients meet their goals.

We help organizations work smarter, not harder. Our staff understands that quality—of work and time spent—trump quantity in today’s workplace.

Godin agrees: “Pick something that you do for impact that other people can’t game by racing faster than you.”

AIZach Volpicelli