How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service can Boost Revenue Part 1

Taken from Microsoft's blog which can be found here: 

Cheat sheet: how field service can boost revenue

"Most field service organizations, or FSOs, are cost centers. However, some look to redefine their status from costing their company money to making their company money.

FSOs that successfully evolve from cost center to profit center take the following steps to boost revenue:

1. Define and articulate an outstanding service.

That starts with knowing what your customers want, i.e. faster response times, proactive service, real-time visibility, tailored solutions, less paperwork, and user-friendly interface, to name a few examples. In addition, have a good grasp of what makes your service unique and coveted in the marketplace. Then, communicate it to existing customers to remind them why they chose you and to prospective customers to inform them of what they could be getting if they make the switch."

We know this concept sounds easy, of course you want to deliver an outstanding service to your customers. But what outstanding service can you provide different than your competitors? We believe understanding how your customers view success and good service starts with the source. Your customers will be asking "How does working with you help my company grow and boost revenue?" Start with a survey or interviews with some of your customers to find out why they chose you in the first place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a tool to help to deliver great customer satisfaction, but your people and your services make or break the success of your customers. 

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