How Associations Can Turn Their Help Desk into a Revenue Machine

As their members become even more connected through the Internet and mobile devices, associations are being challenged with higher expectations for around-the-clock service. To meet this need, associations and other member-based organizations can take advantage of the latest technology to properly support their constituents.


When we speak with our association clients, they are continually concerned about how, as their membership grows, their organization will scale to support each and every member. The good news for them is that this doesn’t have to mean adding costly staff members. With solutions such as Parature for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, associations can centralize their support to be more efficient and addressing member/donor issues on whichever communication platform they desire.

There are many benefits to utilizing an online support system to support your members including:

  • Reducing the number of email and phone support requests
  • Developing higher membership loyalty and retention through personalized and relevant engagement
  • Addressing member support issues through multiple communication platforms including social
  • Having a single web-based support system where member support issues are logged

In addition, associations can offer their members a searchable knowledgebase. This allows the members to become more self-sufficient so they can resolve many issues on their own without any assistance from association staff. If the knowledgebase is not sufficient, the member can quickly and easily submit a question or even connect with an association staffer through website chat.

Associations boast a large number of millennials and the Parature Social Monitor is a perfect complement to them. Associations can now monitor social networks for member activity and respond accordingly in a timely fashion. This is a unique feature of Parature for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that reaches members directly where they spend a significant amount of their day.

On top of all this, associations can get detailed reports that tell them what their members are asking about and the level of support requests being handled by their staff. If you association is struggling with providing high-quality support to your members, contact us today and we can tell you more about our business solutions for associations and nonprofits.

CRMLee Raesly