Microsoft Loves Nonprofits - Just Look at the Discounts They Offer!

Microsoft Helps Nonprofits

I like delivering good news. I mean, who doesn’t like being the bearer of good news? And there’s no better news than informing a customer about a big discount—especially when that customer is a nonprofit. 

I love sharing with customers the deep discounts that Microsoft offers the nonprofit community. Microsoft is committed to delivering technology solutions that are accessible and affordable to nonprofits everywhere. One of the ways Microsoft demonstrates this commitment is through dramatically reduced pricing for qualifying nonprofits. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), BroadPoint can deliver these discounts to our nonprofit clients (and future clients, of course) for cloud solutions such as Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, Azure, and more. 

Microsoft's Nonprofit Pricing Compared with Standard Pricing


But you know what is surprising? Some nonprofits are not even aware of these discounts. As a result, budget-conscious nonprofits maintain a status quo of disparate systems that impede their ability to advance their mission. The proliferation of these disconnected devices, systems, and platforms has led to a deluge of data. Nonprofits have moved from storing binders full of analog data in physical warehouses to flooding their data warehouses with digital files. 

No one feels the pressure more than the nonprofit technology leader. This person is swimming upstream against pressure from their board and senior leaders to take manual tasks and automate them in ways that are better, faster, and cheaper. Nonprofit IT departments continue to invest heavily in technology to further operations—from the cloud and collaboration to CRM and mobile—but this investment is treated as overhead rather than a strategic investment to achieve an organization’s mission.  

What’s needed is for the entire organization to take a step back, evaluate its approach to IT, and invest in a longer-term strategy that connects people, process, and technology in such a way that each project builds on past successes to deliver ever-greater impact. In short, what’s needed is a transformative digital strategy. 

Once that longer-term strategy is defined, what better news is there for a nonprofit technology leader than hearing they can afford the tools to support this digital transformation. By heavily discounting Cloud solution such as Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, and Azure, Microsoft has made the dream of digital transformation accessible to the nonprofit community. 

To see if your nonprofit qualifies for discounted pricing, please contact BroadPoint.