4 Features to Look for in the Best CRMs for Nonprofits

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“It isn't enough to just collect data. You need to be sure that it's usable in order for it to be of any value to your decision-making process.”Kohl Crecelius, KK International

When it comes to data management in your organization, what keeps you up at night? Perhaps you have outgrown your accounting solution. Maybe member retention is slipping, and you want to better understand the people you serve. Or it could be time to expand your product lines and tap a new-to-you market space.

Whatever data challenge is most pressing, now is the time to rethink your CRM strategy and solution.

CRM 101

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is like a modern-day rolodex on steroids. It helps you track and manage customer data. A CRM provides a central place for nonprofits to store information about stakeholders and to use that information for valuable insights.

Important CRM features for the Nonprofit Buyer

Data rules the workplace today, so the question no longer is, do I need a CRM, but rather, which CRM is right for me? The below features are some stand-out qualities of the best CRMs for nonprofits:

1.       The brand reputation speaks for itself. It’s important to choose a solution that is reliable, from a vendor that will be able to support your organization’s needs for decades to come.

2.       Not an IT guru? No problem. Many nonprofits don’t have robust in-house IT support. Choose a CRM that offers automatic product updates and experienced staff available for training and assistance.

3.       You will never have to buy another CRM again. There are plenty of “flavor of the day” CRM providers in the nonprofit world. Many of these vendors tend to serve only one need and do not scale for additional functions or growth. Look for a system that offers not only CRM, but other applications, such as enterprise resource planning, accounting, and business intelligence solutions.

4.       They get you. When narrowing down your top CRM suppliers, look for one with support staff who understand your pain points, can anticipate your needs, and know how to use their tool to solve your unique challenges.

“As a nonprofit, you want to buy a system that has a shelf life, from a company that is financially stable and has tremendous R&D invested to improve and augment the system,” says Tom Condon, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for BroadPoint.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Optimized for Nonprofits: BroadPoint Engage

As you’re shopping for the best CRM solution for your organization, check out Microsoft Dynamics 365 With BroadPoint Engage. BroadPoint is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a Gold Competency for CRM. This means that BroadPoint complies with Microsoft’s highest standards for CRM reliability and expertise. Dynamics 365 with Engage is a CRM that merges the Microsoft machine with BroadPoint’s custom features for nonprofits. Key functions include:

·         Membership management

·         Community building

·         Committee management

·         Membership self service

·         Events management

·         Grant management

·         Marketing outreach

·         Membership analytics

Many of BroadPoint’s employees come from associations. They have rich business experience, in addition to IT savvy, so they know how to best meet your strategic priorities. Learn how BroadPoint Engage (Powered by Microsoft Dynamics) is the CRM choice nonprofits across the nation. Contact us today.

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