Associations: Score a Touchdown with Every Blog Post


As the end of the year approaches, associations are beginning to evaluate their performance and identify areas of improvement moving into 2015. Most of the focus is on areas like membership management strategies, event planning, and renewal efforts. Although these are certainly important aspects of an association, there’s one area you might be overlooking: your blog.

Blogs are an essential form of communication between you, and current and prospective members. They provide an avenue of communication that tends to be less formal in nature, giving you the opportunity to truly connect with your audience. We put together a few tips to help you score a touchdown with every post.

  • Be Relatable – Almost every other piece of copy from your company should be formal, but not your blog. This is the space to stretch your legs, unwind, and throw in a few quirks for your readers. Authoring blogs that are more conversational in nature builds a rapport with your audience and will bring them back time and time again.
  • Offer Value without Selling – This might not make sense right away but let me explain. Chances are if someone is reading your blog, they are aware of what you do, what your mission is, or what it is you can provide them already. They came to your blog to read about what your association has been up to, not to hear another elevator pitch about the benefits of membership.  This leads me into the third tip…
  • Provide Insight – Give your readers something they didn’t already know. Write blogs around solving a problem your audience might be facing, an emerging industry trend, or general business practice your association has adopted, and watch your readership grow. Delivering impactful, useful content to your readers can set you apart and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry

Blogs are meant to start a digital conversation, so treat it as such. Provide your audience value and keep it real with them; they’ll be able to tell when you aren’t.

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ERP, CRMLee Raesly