Artificial Intelligence: The Dawn of the Smarter Worker

Artificial Intelligence

Have you heard that autonomous cars will replace commercial drivers and robots will take over the manual labor market? Are you certain that telemarketers and cashiers will hand off the keys to their careers to chatbots and other intelligent machines that are infiltrating the customer service industry?

AI Trends Report

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) advances continue to surge, with rumors of new job displacements growing by the month. According to a recent Digital Trends article, lawyers and journalists soon will join the scores of white collar workers who are welcoming robots to their ranks. 

Talk to anyone about future of work trends, and AI certainly is a part of the conversation. Many people broach the topic with fear and trepidation, hoping they can make it to retirement before their career gets wiped out of existence by emerging technology. However, this concern around AI is somewhat premature. Take heart: AI is not replacing the need for human workers. Rather, it is changing the way we work. And just as humans have adapted to new technology for decades, so we will learn how to put our unique logic, strategic thinking, and empathy to work alongside machines.

So rather than run from artificial intelligence in terror or hide from it in ignorance, we recommend you educate yourself about its usefulness. Take advantage of AI solutions to work smarter, and grow your own skills so that you continue to keep pace with impending changes in technology.

AI makes work better

BroadPoint offers two specific solutions ripe with advances in artificial intelligence to work better – and empower you to be a smarter worker.

Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) is a data savvy suite of services created to make your analytics shine – and you, too. As the “keeper of the data,” Power BI allows you to easily monitor key information from across your organization in one place. It provides the tools to easily create compelling, visually appealing data dashboards. Power BI also builds reusable, consistent reports quickly – a task that other complex and costly data software solutions require days of training to master.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is all about the Cloud. This innovative solution breaks down the silos between customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) with one foundational system run entirely in the Cloud. Microsoft CRM champions efficiency and productivity because it provides applications for a variety of stakeholders in one platform. Now your Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation groups can work together seamlessly, without system barriers slowing work or disrupting relationships. For Sales teams specifically, Microsoft CRM provides the following benefits:

  • Analytics. Predictive and digital intelligence and automated lead scoring give you rich data insight to make informed and quick decisions.
  • Teamwork. Internal stakeholders will work together effectively with shared notes and real-time coauthoring.
  • Customer management. External-facing reps can build their pipelines intelligently with social insights, on-demand company information, and integrated sales processes.
  • Performance. Track team progress in one system, showcase individual achievements with visual dashboards, and encourage competitive fun with games.

We’re confident that after only one day of using Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll understand why artificial intelligence isn’t so bad after all. These cutting-edge BroadPoint solutions informed by intelligent computing are ultimately designed for you – to make your organization more productive and to help your employees work smarter. Contact us today to learn more.

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