7 Reasons the 2018 Dynamic Communities Summit Is Worth Your Time

The annual Dynamic Communities Summit is only a few weeks away and if you’ve never attended before, we can’t recommend it enough! Happening October 15th to 18th in Phoenix, Arizona this year, the three-day Summit is by far one of the best conferences you can attend as a Microsoft Dynamics User. It is designed with community in mind — you can build a better understanding of the Microsoft offering with like minded individuals.

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The Summit will offer education for all supported versions of Dynamics platform. No matter your Dynamics version or where you are in your implementation, you’ll find value through educational sessions. Summit is perfectly ‘tuned’ for these job-roles: administrators, accountants, controllers, human resources/payroll, AP/AP, sales/marketing managers, CRM project owners, Dynamics 365 end-users.

Summit provides attendees reliable peer-to-peer knowledge from the tabletop discussions with a network of Microsoft leaders, to a more focused learning path for those looking to a niche within the product. Each session can provide you exactly what you are looking for, including insightful product roadmaps of the Microsoft stack to learning about innovative third-party solutions that can complement or extend your current solution.

7 Reasons the 2018 Dynamic Communities Summit Will Be Worth Your Time:

  1. Meet, network with, and learn from other Dynamics users & your local user group, many of whom have faced similar challenges to your organization, and hear how they have overcome them. Summit provides countless opportunities to create lasting relationships by connecting and networking with your Dynamics peers.

  2. Consume an extensive amount of great content: There’s no better way to learn than peer-to-peer with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement or legacy Dynamics CRM users. Share and learn broadly across a variety of content tracks that feature role-based learning, specialty topics, or application-focused solutions across Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, legacy Dynamics CRM, and other complementary Microsoft technologies.

  3. Get caught up on Microsoft’s latest innovations and learn what you can expect to see in the near future.

  4. Connect with BroadPoint! The BroadPoint team will be in attendance and we’d love to connect if you’ll be there. Let us know if you'll be there >>

  5. Hear from our very own Nelson Johnson, CRM Senior Consultant, who will be speaking at two sessions at the Summit.

  6. Network with the Microsoft product experts to establish valuable contacts to assist in the day to day operations of your business

  7. Evaluate and explore solutions: Understand third-party solutions and learn what they can do for your industry or organization.

For more information, visit the Dynamic Communities Summit website or reach out to us at info@broadpoint.net with any questions.

The BroadPoint team is looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix!

Dynamics 365, CRMLee Raesly