5 Things to Look for in Membership Management Software

We’re going to discuss today 5 things you should look for in your search for a new membership management solution. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to find the right solution to meet your membership and organizational goals. Let’s get to it!

1.      Ability to focus on everyone who cares about your mission

Today, associations must turn their attention to focus not only on their members, but also focus on everyone who cares about their mission. That includes donors, vendors, partners, legislators—the list goes on. This breadth of communication requires knowledge. The more you know about the people you interact with, the better. Find an AMS or CRM solution that allows you to differentiate members and non-members so that you can effectively engage with each, without overlapping. Personalization of communications can be more important than the content itself!

2.      Entire staff has access to the same information

A major cultural shift through the years has taken place in staff responsibilities. In successful associations today, everyone from the front desk to the back office plays an active role in serving members and advocating the association's mission. This means everyone needs instant access to the latest member and market data, so they can make each interaction highly personal and relevant.

3.      Flexibility in business processes

According to the McKinley 2015 report on the State of Associations, nearly 33% of all associations report having difficulty attracting younger members. As the association landscape changes, and becomes more digital, your system should be flexible enough to accommodate these changes. Systems are replaced or upgraded roughly every 5-7 years, so planning for inevitable changes in attracting and retaining members is critical to your membership solution success.

4.      Integration to core business systems

In this more digital and connected world, you need your business systems to act accordingly. In the past, there was a different application for each function within the business. The membership system, financial system, and productivity system all existed separately with little to no communication. These technology silos have no value for modern associations seeking collaboration, efficiency and a 360-degree view of member activity.

5.      Ability to work anywhere, from any device

Today, it is more and more common that employees work outside of the office more than in! Associations we have spoken to are looking for creative ways to cut costs, and providing their employees the ability to work from home or on the go with the devices they use every day – like tablets and smart phones – provides your organization the flexibility and productivity you couldn’t achieve in the past. Membership teams can load member data or presentations right from their devices.

The modern association has put a premium on strengthening the connections and relationships that ensure sustained success. Shouldn’t your membership management system do the same? 

Lee Raesly