5 Awesome Advantages of Power BI for Sales Teams

What is Power BI?

If you’re unfamiliar with Power BI, it’s an easy-to-use, cloud-based Microsoft solution for business intelligence ideal for small to mid-size businesses that aren’t ready to invest in an enterprise-level BI solution. It integrates with many of the applications you already use—Dynamics 365, ERP, CRM, Office 365, Excel, and other database sources—and consolidates your own data and metrics into visual charts, reports and dashboards. You can then embed these into your applications if you choose.

The bottom line in sales is you need a fast, easy and affordable way to improve your bottom line. Can Power BI help you do that? You bet. In fact, there are so many benefits for businesses that we could literally talk about it all day. But you don’t have time for that because time is money, and that’s why today we are focusing on our top 5 advantages of Power BI specifically for sales teams.

How sales teams can boost performance and profit with Power BI:

1.       Consolidate sales data from multiple sources: Ever wish you could have all your sales metrics at the push of a button? Power BI can automatically pull data from multiple sources and automatically organize the data into visual charts and graphs or reports. Instead of hours of pulling sales numbers and creating boring spreadsheets and reports, you have everything you need at your fingertips to present a visual narrative of your sales story. Prepping for sales meetings is quick and painless.

2.       Embed sales data right into your applications: The beauty of Power BI is that it can be used as a standalone solution, or you can embed your charts, dashboards and reports right into your apps. Every few minutes your data is automatically or manually refreshed so sales managers, sales people, marketing, company leaders—all can have real-time sales insight when and where they need it.

3.       Look forward instead of just looking back: To forecast and plan for growth, you’ve got to be able to see into the future. It’s easy to look back and see what you’ve done, but where are you headed? Power BI enables you to predict trends and buying behaviors, analyze what’s in the pipeline, allocate resources to the right account, schedule time and much more.

4.       Make better decisions with accurate data: When you have to manually enter, pull and slice and dice data to get insight, you can’t always trust that it’s accurate or up-to-date. With Power BI, if you have good information in, you automatically get good information out. You’re working with real-time data at all times so you gain more confidence in your numbers and can make the best decisions based on facts, not guesses.

5.       Improve marketing to improve sales: Sales and marketing should go hand in hand and Power BI makes it happen. Both teams can collaborate easier to understand effectiveness of campaigns, how prospects are engaging and what they are interested in, and know where to spend time and resources.

While Power BI is very easy to use and learn with a little training, it does take some time to setup properly for your specific needs. BroadPoint uses it every day and can take the mystery out of Power BI by helping you design and integrate it with your applications. We make sure you get the tailored sales insight you need—when, how and where you need it.

Want to try Power BI for yourself? Broadpoint is offering a free 30-day trial of Dynamics 365 with Power BI for a limited time. Take advantage of this special invitation and then give us a call and let us know what you think or if you have any questions.