4 Slam Dunk Reasons Associations Should Integrate Their AMS & Financials

Whatever association management system (AMS) your organization uses, it is critical for that system to be tightly integrated to other business systems you are using. This includes financial management systems, email marketing solutions, social media platforms, and reporting and planning tools. Without true integration, you will undoubtedly experience many of the same challenges we see with our clients:

  • Re-keying of data into multiple systems
  • Stacks of paperwork that feed into different systems
  • Minimal visibility into member retention or revenue generation
  • No insight into member engagement or areas of interest

Once an association is able to integrate their business systems, they can assign their staff to work on more strategic projects as opposed to spending hours handling manual transactions. Here are just a few benefits of integration your association management system with other systems:

Accuracy of Data

Once your systems are integrated, association leaders can easily view accurate, updated data. With a single login, your data will flow throughout all your applicable business systems no matter where you enter it. No more wondering whether or not you have the latest data regarding event registrations or member renewals.

Insight into Member/Donor Data

Get an instant view of all member/donor activities, whether they are related to financial transactions, events or other member interactions. Revenue and renewal information is available to all staff members (based on access), so every manager and executive can see what’s happening across the organization.

Increased Efficiency

Your staff becomes much more impactful when they no longer have to spend hours or days entering data into the system. They can become more strategic rather than reactive. By establishing workflows through the integrated systems, transactions such as purchase requisition approvals are accelerated and your staff can focus on higher-value projects.

Comprehensive Reporting/Analytics

When your business systems are integrated, you can get a 360-degree view of how your association is performing. Whether you want to measure member renewals, event registrations, training revenue or email opens/clicks, you can see the data you want in real-time. In addition, dashboards provide a great way for association leaders to get an instant snapshot of performance based on the metrics they want to monitor

We have helped our clients develop an integration strategy that makes sense for their association. Contact us today for a complimentary business requirements discussion and we can get you started on the road to truly integrated business systems.

Lee Raesly