3 Ways Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Can Guide Successful Project Implementation

CRM can help member-based associations, nonprofits, and other organizations leverage insights and automation to form stronger connections with their constituents.

But for these organizations, implementing a new CRM is a big decision and with a big budget on the line.

As the person responsible for directing the implementation, you want to not only choose the right solution, you want to choose the right partner to help you implement the CRM solution.

Successful CRM implementation begins with the right partnership

A CRM expert will help you make the most out of your investment by helping you personalize your CRM solution to meet organizational objectives. A CRM partner will not only deliver the best final solution; they will make sure your project implementation goes smoothly from start to finish.

Here are some key things a quality CRM expert will help you with during implementation.

Stay on budget by setting realistic expectations and project scope

When clients see everything that CRM can do, it’s common for their expectations to balloon. However, when feature requests rise, so do costs.

To keep costs and expectations in line, a quality CRM partner evaluates your business requirements to establish the scope of the project. The partner will have the experience and expertise to guide you towards features you need and away from those you don’t.

Keep on schedule through proactive communication

Communication is essential in keeping the Dynamics CRM implementation on schedule. Your partner will have questions from you, and you will certainly have questions for them. Proactively communication is critical in staying on track.

We help keep projects on track through:

  • Regular status meetings

  • Weekly status reports

  • Informal communications through email or scheduled meetings

Constant communication helps us keep our ear tuned for any changes the client is facing, question or concerns they have, and more.

Secure team buy-in of the CRM implementation by encouraging participation

IT directors and membership directors tasked with finding a CRM solution and managing the implementation with the partner often face their biggest challenge when it comes to getting other team members to understand and use the system.

Many times, team members who will be end-users of the CRM system are absent during the implementation process. Their absence often creates problems at later stages of the implementation process. For example, a team member might assume something would be included that falls out of scope. Unfortunately, the burden and blame often fall on the internal project manager’s shoulders for this.

By encouraging team participation through different stages of the implementation process, CRM experts can help the internal team manager secure buy-in for the project. This results in happier clients and more successful projects.

CRM project implementation is a partnership

For complex organizations, the power of CRM  comes from how your Microsoft partner can personalize it to your needs. If you are going to be happy with the end product and the experience, you should take care to pick a partner that has a plan to make the implementation process a success.

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