3 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Increase Your Company’s Business Intelligence

Imagine a dynamic, interactive dashboard that cleanly represents your organization’s data. This application allows you to gain new and real-time insights into existing data and better manage business decisions, track performance, and achieve your goals.

Perhaps you have zero business intelligence tools deployed in your organization today. You may be wondering, “What is the business case for such a visualization and reporting tool, and how would I even begin to implement it? More importantly—how do I show the value of dashboards to my senior leaders?”

The following are the answers to your questions—three reasons why now is the time to make your organization more business intelligent.

1.) Make meaning of all that data 

Do you have more data than you know what to do with? If your organization is like most, you have collected the same kinds of data for years and continue to store it for years, too. This data likely is not tied to business strategy; it simply exists. The truth is, when put to good use, historical data is powerful—it can illuminate new insights about your members and customers, track program performance over time, and show evidence of success to share with executives and board members.

A robust operational dashboard is the key to making meaning of your data, whether it was generated today or has been sitting unused for 10 years. Even data located in various places can be synthesized to tell a story and learn something new.

2.) Take the headache out of analysis and reporting

Your business intelligence solution should help to remove the intimidation factor that often accompanies data reporting. Any member of your organization can feel confident that his dashboards are accurate and tell a high-impact story. Choose a solution that overcomes complexity and ambiguity and does not require developer expertise to create reports.

Ease of use also includes convenience. Ensure you can drill down into key metrics anywhere and at any time, with the option to analyze trends via a mobile device.

3.) Improve organizational efficiency

Ultimately, a data visualization and reporting solution should serve to streamline existing processes. Choose an application that can create dashboards across departments and be tailored down to an individual user. As a mission-forward organization, developing business intelligence maturity will set you apart from competitors.

High-performing organizations have learned how to capture data, visualize it, and use it to gain results. Financial and operational dashboards make it easy for managers to focus and align strategic and tactical goals while keeping everyone on the same page. Up-to-the minute data and leading indicators help managers identify emerging patterns and trends, eliminate inefficiencies, and support quick decision-making.

Explaining the business case

Microsoft’s Power BI, powered by BroadPoint, is one business intelligence tool that can help you easily make meaning of your data to meet your strategic goals.

With any data source, from an Excel sheet to a Dropbox site, you can use Power BI to showcase a better perspective of your data.
— Kevin Boyle, Senior Account Manager at BroadPoint

As far as proving value to your C-suite, the product speaks for itself by showcasing a high-level view of your organization’s profitability, revenue, efficiency and more. The dashboards monitor business processes that frequently change to track current metrics and key performance indicators.

Let’s say you’re an executive who has been creating pivot tables in Excel. Now, with Power BI, you are able to generate a gorgeous dashboard. And all the data shown by that dashboard is happening in the moment.”
— Imran Naqvi, Solutions Architect at BroadPoint

Are you ready to get started with Microsoft’s Power BI suite?

Are you ready to use dashboards and visualization tools to gain insights into your financial and operational performance, set goals and benchmarks, and optimize your business for success? With Microsoft's Power BI suite, BroadPoint can help you take your data to new heights. Contact us today to learn more.