3 Reasons Fast-Growth Companies Choose Specialized Sales Productivity Technology Solutions

High-growth small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are 30 percent more likely to engage in strategies that drive customer growth than their lower growing, stagnant, and declining counterparts, according to Small Business Trends. They’re 31 percent more likely to invest in technology. And when it comes to choosing a solution that fuels customer acquisition and revenue generation, fast-growth companies prefer purchasing a specialized application, like Dynamics 365 for Sales, rather than relying on a homegrown tool—like a mishmash of spreadsheets.

Strategic automation is another reason high-growth companies are turning to technology solutions for increased sales productivity. Cited as one of the nine disruptive technology trends in 2019, strategic automation—the combination of automation and artificial intelligence to mechanize business processes and drive efficiency in organizations—considers the business at a holistic level. This systematic integration of individual technologies across an organization’s operational silos promises higher efficiency and performance.

For companies that rely on technology to automate and streamline their sales processes, choosing a proven digital sales solution is critical for these three reasons.

1.) Transparency for greater collaboration

As a company’s stakeholder base increases, so does data about these individuals. Understanding customer behavior in the context of the selling cycle is critical. Leading sales technologies provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions, which sellers can use to personalize outreach to buyers.

Visibility requires transparency. For the organization to achieve its goals, leaders and sales professionals must work in concert. Yet for many high-growth companies, priorities can be blurred as all employees work at a frenetic pace. Sales productivity software allows a unified, real-time view of strategic metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring collaboration and data-based decision making.

2.) Predictive data for increased sales accuracy

Merging technology with the traditional sales process is a dance guided by timing. Sales professionals can move the needle with data-driven insights and relevant metrics when artfully applied to what buyers want and when they want it.

Predictive analytics is one tool that aids in this digital dance. Sales technology solutions with predictive capabilities, like Dynamics 365 for Sales, can recommend the next best action in the sales cycle, such as delivering content, upselling, cross-selling, or communicating specific information to buyers. This data enables sales professionals to personalize customer interactions in real time and track KPIs. According to Microsoft’s Empowering the Modern Seller: A New Definition of Engagement e-book, tracking measures such as close rates and productivity is an activity that high-growth organizations do, while low-growth organizations often don’t have  metrics in place.

3.) Digital tools for maximized capabilities

As with any emerging technology, the tool itself is not the answer; rather, the smart use of the solution drives new capabilities. To thrive in today’s environment and keep pace with competitors, SMBs must invest in technology that increases sales productivity by aligning sales strategy with buyers’ expectations. Such solutions must be seamlessly integrated with a sales professional’s workflow. Ease of use and mobile access is critical for sellers who are in the field. 

Finally, before adopting a new tool, SMBs must confirm it will work as a seamless extension of their existing applications. A purposeful solution combines relevant transactional and relationship data across the customer relationship management platform; social networks; and productivity, collaboration, and email systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM, delivered by BroadPoint, allows for data transparency, predictive capabilities, and sales process integration.

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