3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Association's Digital Presence

It seems every day there are more things for marketers to be aware of: social media, SEO, inbound marketing, re-targeting campaigns, and the list goes on. Without a well-thought-out plan to connect with members, your association could be stuck spinning its wheels. We have aggregated a few tools available to help you get organized and mobilize your digital marketing strategy.

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

This free online tool analyzes your website for key digital marketing elements and gives you a score out of 100 based its results. With criteria such as Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Lead Generation, and Mobile, you are able to pinpoint the deficiencies in your website digital presence and make changes accordingly. www.marketing.grader.com


By now we are all aware of the impact Facebook in particular has on our lives. So, why not make your page the best it can be? With PageModo, you’re able to customize your organization’s Facebook page as you see fit, to attract your target audience. People value an association with some creative flare and what better place to show your true colors and humanize your organization than Facebook. www.pagemodo.com


It is serious work to keep your association’s blog fresh with new ideas and content. Some of the hardest work happens before you even put pen to paper when you’re deciding on a topic to cover. Alltop is an aggregation site that allows you to search any term you’d like to find the most relevant content on the web around that term. Want to talk membership management? Search on Alltop and find thousands of ideas for your next blog or article. www.alltop.com

These tools are a great way to augment your online presence to engage current members, attract new members and build your brand across all your digital channels. BroadPoint has helped hundreds of associations and nonprofits develop technology strategies that make sense. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary business requirements analysis and we’ll help you set up your own strategic technology plan.

Lee Raesly