Mobile Apps for Associations: Can Your Members Hear You Now?

Almost overnight, mobile devices have become the preferred way for people to access email and the internet. This new era, focused around mobility, can be critical to the success of your association and relationships with members. You need to be keep up with your members and employees to deliver information on their terms. Upgrade your technology to take advantage of the benefits that mobility can offer. 

Almost everyone has a smartphone and many people use tablets for work in addition to personal use.  Association professionals can use these powerful devices to complete work tasks, as well as communicate with their colleagues and customers.  Associations are also finding new ways to attract prospects and strengthen relationships with customers with social media and other mobile technologies.  Nonprofits can similarly benefit from this new era of mobility.  As discussed in “New Rules of Engagement for Associations:  Connect with Members on Their Terms,” by BroadPoint, by creating and implementing a social and mobile strategy you can:

  • Reach more members and the community on more devices including smartphones and tablets
  • Make it easier for members to sign-up for events, renew memberships, and offer donations
  • Foster networking amongst your members
  • Support staff who spend more time out of the office than in it
  • Gain greater insight into your activities and identify new ways to grow

New technology often leads to new opportunities.  Get started on your road of implementing a mobile strategy by deciding how you want to use today’s mobile technology and discussing your ideas with an experienced software provider.  We can show you how the right mobile solutions can help you reach out to more people, build stronger connections, and improve efficiencies throughout your organization.  Contact BroadPoint for additional guidance and support with implementing a mobile strategy that will resonate with your members and the industries or communities that you serve.

Lee Raesly