Membership and Mobility: 3 Ways To Use Mobile Technology To Communicate Effectively & Consistently

Using mobile devices to connect with your membership has moved to the top of the list. Most of your members are using smartphones and more and more are working on tablets.  These devices have become the favored tool for accessing information, making or tracking purchases, and communicating with peers.  Harness the power of mobile technology to interact with your membership and nurture these important relationships.

Mobile devices have put a world of information in the palms of our hands.  As noted in “New Rules of Engagement for Associations:  Connect with Members on Their Terms,” by BroadPoint, the power of mobile technology has never been more important than it is today.  Here are three ways your can use social and mobile technology to your advantage:

  1. Improve attendance and sales:  Many nonprofits and associations offer educational classes, hold fundraising events, and sell products.  You can use social and mobile technology for promoting these special events and make it easier for your members to register to attend.  Your members can use their mobile devices to provide payments for classes, renew their membership or purchase your products.   
  2. Make legislative support easier:  If your association is geared toward a specific industry or service, you may follow legislation that can impact that business sector. You can use social and mobile technology to spread the word about pending legislative changes, encourage your members to weigh in on the changes, and let them know how to get in touch with legislative officials to make changes in that industry. 
  3. Encourage communication and networking:  You can use mobile devices to reach out to your members and those you serve. Start an online conversation to learn more about membership needs or goals. Then, use that information to improve outreach activities and identify new ways to provide value-added support.

More and more people are using mobile devices to find information, purchase products, register for events and communicate with their peers. Nonprofits can also harness the power behind mobile technology.  Contact BroadPoint to discuss how your organization can benefit from using mobile solutions for better communications with members.

Lee Raesly