Member Fail: How Three Common Mistakes Can Threaten Your Association Newsletter

If you are like most associations, you already send out one or more newsletters to your members to keep them informed about industry trends and developments, job postings and/or upcoming special events. However, many associations are sabotaging their own efforts before they even click “send”. We are seeing more and more associations failing to connect with their members by creating newsletters that are unappealing, unorganized or boring, which can lead to fewer renewals, a dip in new memberships and lagging revenue.

What many membership and communication directors fail to understand is the importance of three key areas of newsletter development:  design, sending and tracking. There are a host of best practices that newsletter editors can put into place that will help improve member engagement and boost membership. The key is to create a vibrant online community for your members to come to share ideas and be part of something. In addition, by utilizing common social networks, associations can extend the reach of their newsletter to reach an even larger audience of potential members.

BroadPoint and ClickDimensions recently held a 30-minute webinar that provided detailed insight on:

  • How simple, effective newsletter design ideas will wow your members
  • Gaining a better understanding of member interests through newsletter tracking and reporting
  • Measuring key newsletter metrics to keep members continually engaged

By implementing some quick, simple processes and best practices, communications teams can gain a much better understanding of what their members like and dislike, and how to continually deliver a valuable newsletter to their members.


Lee Raesly