Associations and Mobility: Be Strategic When Reaching Out to Your Members

Mobile technology can be a great way to connect and interact with your members.  Before you start posting and tweeting, you need to define a clear, precise mobile strategy.  You may need to work with your software provider, then determine what you want to communicate, with whom, and how you will respond to members’ requests and comments.

Just as you create a new marketing campaign or plan a fundraising event, you should put careful consideration into a social and mobile strategy – don’t jump in feet first.  You want to define the main elements of a strategy, then make plans to accomplish those goals.  Here are three points to consider as you make your plans:

  1. Define your goals:  As suggested in “New Rules of Engagement for Associations:  Connect with Members on Their Terms,” by BroadPoint, start by deciding how you want to use social and mobile technology.  For example, you can make it easier for members to register for events, attend classes, or renew memberships.  You can also create an online community for networking or to sell products. 
  2. Choose and work with an experienced provider:  You are probably an expert on running a nonprofit or working within the industry or community that you serve.  Leave the IT work up to the experts who can implement your social and mobile solutions.   Find a provider that has experience working with nonprofit associations or within the industry that you serve.  The right software provider will be able to find the solutions that meet your mobile goals as well as your budget.
  3. Learn how to use the solutions & how to respond:  Implementing social and mobile technology is only the first step.  You need to know how to use these technologies to benefit your association.  In addition, you want to have a plan in place so that you or your colleagues can answer questions or otherwise respond quickly to your members when they use these new tools.

Mobile technology offers a new way to communicate with your members and those you serve. Contact BroadPoint for additional guidance on defining and implementing a mobile strategy that can strengthen ties with your members.

Lee Raesly