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It's what happens after your system goes live that makes the difference.

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ClientAdvantage Support Plan

Get the most out of your business systems and don’t let customer support challenges slow you down.

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Investing in Your Success

We provide you the tools and resources to get the most out of your investment.

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Training solutions, customized for your organization.

Client Blog

How to improve membership engagement with membership management software

Personalize outreach and engage members with greater success

Member engagement means more than attracting new members and retaining existing members. Proactive member engagement gives associations strength in numbers and influence to drive their core mission forward.

When members are engaged, associations have the strength to change legislature, promote advocacy, and even increase revenue.

But here’s the problem:

Many associations don’t have the technology or the resources to implement an effective membership engagement strategy.

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Our Favorite Dynamics GP Features: Deposit Cash Receipt Batches Automatically

You can now opt to have cash receipts entered in Receivables Management directly update the checkbook balance without the need to manually post the cash receipt deposit in Bank Reconciliation. 

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Budgeting Best Practices: #7: Monitor workflow & approvals

Budget administrators typically email templates out and expect to receive updated versions. They have to then add these templates to the financial system, including the many that arrive late. Instead, create a collaborative portal that integrates all information. 

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